Medische Thermografie

For accurate thermographic images, we ask you to read this list on time and carefully. More explanation can be found below.

More infomation below

1 month prior to the thermogram

  • Thermography isn’t recommended during breastfeeding or pregnancy.
    As a rule, this
    examination is carried out from 1 month after the last active breastfeeding.

1-2 weeks prior to the thermogram

  • Cryo treatments and ice baths are possible until 2 weeks before the thermogram.
  • No cold showers or swimming until 1 week before the thermogram.

4 days prior to the thermogram:

  • No sunburn, sun, sunlamps or other skin discolorations on the part of the body that you
    would like to have examined.

24 hours prior the thermogram

  • Avoid extra physical activity, such as sports, heavy physical work.
  • If you have a fever, please contact us to discuss, a new date may need to be scheduled.

On the day of the thermogram

  • No makeup when examining the head.
  • Do not use a body cream, oil or deodorant, not even the organic variants.
  • Do not eat 2 hours before a full body or head examination.
  • Do not smoke until 4 hours before any examinations as the blood vessels constrict.
  • No hot drinks until 2 hours before all examinations.
  • Do not use chewing gum on the day of the head examination.
  • Avoid car air conditioners that blow directly on the body during all examinations.
  • Avoid the seat heating on all examinations before you come.
  • Avoid carrying a backpack before coming for the examination.
  • Wear long hair in a tail before you come for the examination.
  • Request to remove jewelry 2 hours before the examination.
  • Do not wear a bra on this day until after breast screening and women’s health screening. You can wear prostheses again after the examination.
  • Arrive 10 minutes earlier than the appointment to acclimatize, take off your jacket and takeoff your shawl.
  • Take a hair band, elastic bands or hair clips with you for thermography on the head.
    with short hair; all the hair that still falls in tufts over the face takes away the view from the head.
  • For full body and male/female health examinations, the underpants must be removed. If you find this annoying, you can opt for a tanga slip, that can stay on.

Why do I have to consider so many things before the examination?

Medical thermography uses an infrared camera that measures the temperature at the surface of the
skin. This allows us to detect patterns that are common and unusual. We also measure temperatures.
Asymmetry in temperatures indicates a level of concern. Patterns and asymmetry together can be a
reason for further research.

There are external (outside your body) factors that can influence these patterns and temperatures;
you will see all these things mentioned at the top of the list. To make an accurate thermogram it is
very important to take these factors into account.

Once we have captured your images and all questions have been asked, your report will be prepared
by our inhouse interpretation specialist.

If you have any doubts about whether you are well prepared, please call us in time.
If you do not cancel in time (this is possible free of charge up to 48 hours on working days), we will
charge the invoice for the examination you have chosen. (A breast examination will be charged for
Baseline or Breast Exam).
We hope for your understanding.

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