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Training Medical Thermography



Thermal or infrared imaging traning.  Some call it medical thermography but it really is all the same.

Whoever wants to work as a certified medical thermographer can follow a four-day training course at De Groene Zuster. This professional training, in which theory and practice complement each other, is provided by Francine van Broekhoven. You’ll learn to use the infrared camera optimally and how to use the Total Vision software for optimal recording of anamnesis and images and to upload these images to specialized doctors for interpretation. You will also get familiar with explaining the reports of the doctors to your clients.

Note: Training is done according to the standards of the American Academy of Thermology.

the Training


Day 1: Theory on thermography, thermography explanation for
physicians and therapists, software introduction, history forms for thermography, protocols, science, reading reports from the physicians.
Day 2 and 3: training in using software and taking images of full body assessment and evaluation. With live models.
Day 4: Written test and practical full body test. signing certificates.Every day from 9am to 5pm

Location: On location in Rotterdam or Den Haag, at your site or practice

In the training we use Total Vision software. This is the only thermography software which enables you as a thermographer to make excellent studies and is especially important for the follow studies you do. Thermography reports need to be compared to previous ones and so Carol Chandler created this software for her own practice. She trained physicians in the past 15 years to make the right interpretations of the studies made with this software. It’s all about temperature measurement. This software is easy to use in practice. The software makes it possible to upload the history and images to physicians for interpretation.


We only work with the best cameras approved by the FDA and CE are for medical use. This camera offers the highest quality and translation into the software. Ask for the correct information by sending us an email. We can make you an offer for the FLIR camera and Total Vision software for the best price.


Basic medical college degree. Medics, Paramedics and therapists practicing in complementary medicine will experience an advantage in working with thermography in their practice.


After the training you will be able to make quality images of your clients coming into your practice. You can upload images to the doctors of Physicians Insight that provide your images with a good report. Discuss this report with your client and point out the recommendations of the physician. After the training, we will provide guidance. We are able to look at yourstudies on distance by Teamviewer. Together we can refine your skills. Please check the YouTube video on the right, where you can get a firstimpression of how medical thermography works and is different from a regular diagnosis.

Testimonial training September 2018

Dear Francine,I want to thank you for the training in medical thermography that you organized and hosted for us. It gives us an unique opportunity to introduce in Bulgaria Med-Hot Thermal Imaging System and to help our clients to perform better health plan. The training had exact balance between theory and practice. Your explanations were very detailed and helped me to master the operation of the FLIR camera. What really made the training wonderful experience was the opportunity to discuss with you medical thermography after sightseeing Rotterdam. Thank you, again.Best regards,Vasil Margaritov M.D.


4-day training with certificate: €1950,- ex VAT, travel and accommodation costs.Ask for a quote when you want a training for several people.

A fresh-up or update training on Skype. 

This is very personal because everyone needs to have their own questions answered and is also screening with different experiences. So have your answers ready and make an appointment for this tailormade fresh-up or update training onSkype.First hour is €150,- and every extra hour just €100,- (excl VAT