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Medical Thermography.

With thermography we make preventative breast studys. Safe, free of pain, and trustworthy. Useful for áll women. Don't wait till you're 50 with thinking about your breast health!


With the use of medical thermography, we make preventive (breast) studies about how the body functions. We study physiology and not anatomy. With medical thermography, we get a report which indicates where improvements can be made within your health. Particular patterns “indicate that…” and that can be used for follow-up studies or treatments.

With medical thermography, we don’t get a diagnose, but a report which indicates where improvements can be made or give a clear reason for a follow-up study.
The study is made with a thermal camera. There is no radiation and you don’t get touched. The thermographer stays at a distance of approximately one meter and makes images from different angles.


Do you want to make a thermogram? Then book an appointment with The Green Nurse! Call us on our phone number 00-31-085-064-5001 or e-mail us at

(30 minutes) At the initial breast study, we look at the appearance of the breasts and we also ask a lot of questions before we start with making the thermal images. These images can be found in your report. The original report is in English so in most cases we add a translated Dutch report. This report will be discussed with you in a call appointment that follows approximately 14 days after your study. You will learn a lot about your breast health in this first report. By measuring temperatures and viewing patterns, our physicians can pinpoint what you could do to improve or maintain your health.

We often see patterns and temperatures that we would rather not see the next time. We would, therefore, like to make an appointment for a 2nd study to form the Baseline. With the information from this 2nd report, the results will get more accurate. We give many tips during this initial breast study and during the call appointment, everything is aimed at helping you keep your breasts healthy for a lifetime.

Two breast studys are called a baseline breast study. This means there will be two studies done in 3 to 6 months in between, which gives the greatest accuracy we could wish for with thermography.
In these months you can improve the tissue of your breasts. The notable patterns we had seen on the first thermogram and the differences we see on the second thermogram together form the baseline for us. We always use this baseline if you come for a breast study every year. These photos will then be compared to see if any changes have taken place. The physician who writes your report will determine whether the follow-up examination will take place after 3, 6, or 12 months.
There is yet another reason for making a baseline. If malignant cells are present in the breasts, they divide on average every 90 days. A second study after 3 or 6 months may give us a clearer picture of this.
Thermography has an accuracy of 95% to 97%.

(1 hour): For this study we focus on looking at connections that may exist regarding breast health and other parts of your body. These health issues often correlate with other issues in the body. An example of this is the following: an inflammation in your jaw (this doesn’t have to be noticable) can cause bacteria to be drained inside of your lymphe nodes along your neck for years and affect your breasts. This could result in breast issues. Another example is that we notice a deviant temperature in the thyroid gland or the carotid arteries. Or that your back is not straight or that there are temperatures there that are not desirable. With thermography you can monitor whether the treatment of an osteopath is effective. We also look at the stomach where we could see differences in temperature that could indicate an issue. The uterus and ovaries are difficult to “see” because with thermography we measure the skin temperature. To clarify, it is easier to say something about the breasts because they are outside the body and consist only of breast tissue. The uterus is located in an area behind the skin where the bladder and intestines are located as well. This makes it harder to say something specific about one body part.

(About 45 minutes): This is the most frequently chosen study for males, and it is about the physiology of the heart and veins. Furthermore, thermal images will be made of the head and neck to look at cavities, teeth, the condition of the thyroid gland and carotid artery, and possible causes for headaches. Lots of diseases start with inflammations, which can be detected in an early stage with thermography. With thermography we measure the skin temperature; in the place in the body where the prostate is located, there are also the bladder and parts of the intestines. Therefore, deviant temperatures in this location do not necessarily have something to do with the prostate, it could also be the bladder. Deviant temperatures along the chest, stomach, and back give a good reason for a follow-up examination. Deviant patterns are very apparent on the jaw, carotid arteries, back, chest, and big parts of the stomach.

(1 hour): We will make more than 25 thermal images of your body. These are different images of the body from head to toe. During the screening, we will ask a lot of questions in order to gather information. These questionnaires, once completed, will then be sent to our physicians along with the thermal images to form a report. The full-body study will allow you to get a clear picture of your overall health.

Lots of connections are made between different body parts. An example of this is the following. A woman had suffered from a slow thyroid gland for years, which she took Thyrax for. Her energy started to decrease and eventually, this led to a burn-out. A thermogram allowed to see patterns and temperatures over the whole body which could indicate low-grade inflammations. The therapist we referred this woman to (during the call appointment which always takes place after the consultation) could confirm that there were low-grade inflammations, and created a treatment plan which helped her step by step to cure the inflammations so that her immune system got stronger and her hormones more balanced.

Sometimes people don’t know where to start when it comes to improving their health, a thermogram can give clarification in this case. We always refer to physicians or therapists who understand what low-grade inflammations are and know how to treat this.

(30 minutes): If you have a specific question regarding a part of your body, you can request a study which only takes half an hour. For example, if you have a question about varicose veins, or you would like to monitor whether the inflammation in your jaw is gone after a dental procedure, or you would like to know if the treatment from your osteopath is working well for your back. A regional study does not give you an overall picture of your health, but gives clarification regarding specific questions about your health.

We can request an priority report for every study. The report will then be evaluated with you within 48 hours. The priority report costs an extra €32,50 in addition to the prices above.
During the consultation, we will make a call appointment, in order to make sure you can understand the thermographic report correctly.

Make sure you read (about 20 minutes) your report with the attachments thoroughly before the free call appointment, and make sure to also write down any questions. This way you’ll be able to ask your questions effectively during the call appointment.
It is possible to take more time to evaluate your report if you prefer to. It is also possible to request a telephone consultation. The price is €25,- for a 15-minute call.

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